Make clean incense from natural herbs

Taking advantage of natural sources of herbs, in order to change the habit of using chemical incense, unknown origin of people today, Ms. Le Thi Cam Van in Dong Nai has created eco-friendly incense products. environment.
From my own needs

Coming from a Buddhist family, from a young age, Le Thi Cam Van (born in 1990) was soon exposed to the family's daily habit of burning incense. However, she herself is very afraid of the strong smell of incense, causing a headache.

Through research, she learned that there is a biological incense product from the guava tree in Ben Tre. Since then, she has cooked up the idea of making incense from plants with the scent of natural essential oils.

She began to research, learn about the properties and uses of each herb, to avoid toxic plants. Her purpose is that when burning, the incense stick not only has a pleasant aroma but is also safe for health. Ms. Cam Van found that pomelo is a fruit tree that is grown a lot in her hometown. Moreover, the purchase of pomelo peels from grapefruit wine makers, instead of being discarded, is now used to make incense powder. Along with that, Dong Nai has a very large area of eucalyptus trees to keep the soil against erosion, or is planted in arid, rocky areas that are difficult to cultivate in the area such as Cam My, Xuan Loc. , Long Thanh, Vinh Cuu... This tree is not only grown to sell wood, but also makes use of the leaves to make incense powder. There are also a number of other raw materials such as lemongrass, wormwood, incense, etc. have abundant sources.

Ms. Cam Van added that, during the research process, she had many difficulties from purchasing raw materials, drying, grinding to create powder and producing finished products that meet aesthetic standards. After many tries, she finally succeeded.

In the first time when operating the business, Ms. Cam Van faced many difficulties because the recruitment of skilled and trained staff was not stable. All product processes are performed by Ms. Cam Van herself. From purchasing raw materials, drying products, to testing the first finished products. Then she brought the products to ask relatives and friends to introduce and sell at agents... so that the incense products were gradually accepted and trusted.

Creating jobs and income for women

Van Huong Incense is made from 100% herbs such as eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, grapefruit peel, lemon leaves, five claws, cinnamon bark, wormwood, using glue from the bark, absolutely no color or flavoring. Also do not use potassium nitrate inflammable, phosphoric acid curd, whitening agent. The self-researched formula of Ms. Cam Van produces incense products with a gentle scent, relaxing spirit and non-toxic to users thanks to the essential oils found in the tree, the leaves radiate. Especially without using flammable substances, the incense sticks still burn without being extinguished midway.

Success with clean herbal incense - Photo 2.

Ingredients for making incense

"In addition to the use of worship, the product also has the effect of steaming the house, disinfecting, meditating in yoga to help refresh and peaceful spirit. Natural essential oils in eucalyptus, grapefruit peel, lemongrass can repel insects. Incense also overcomes the allergy to chemical scents for people with respiratory diseases.Besides, the production process is applied mechanically, so it can create light work for nursing women. Children or the elderly have no job. Saying no to plastic waste, using packaging completely with paper boxes, if used a lot, will contribute to reducing environmental pollution today" - Ms. Cam Van added.

In the future, she will also promote distribution channels, including retail and wholesale, so that people in the area can buy clean incense more easily without going far. Besides, she will also focus on online channels on e-commerce platforms to spread clean products to consumers.

Success with clean herbal incense - Photo 3.

Van Huong's products brought about positive impacts on the environment and local society. As a green, organic product, free of chemicals and plastic waste, Van Huong incense also creates many jobs for people in arid and degraded lands. The job of making incense is not arduous and non-toxic, suitable for women's health, contributing to bringing stable income and improving the economic role of women in the locality.