How to make incense

 especially in countries such as India, Myanmar, Japan.

Ms. Bao said: “These customers often buy incense powder in large quantities and re-produce according to their own incense designs of their countries. Most of the guests said that they like this type of incense powder because it is made from plant leaves. Their country has many kinds of incense with many different scents, but mainly because of chemical processing, there are not many more natural products." 

Despite initial success, Ms. Bao is constantly researching new types of incense in her small room, from how to produce ring incense to how to make the incense burn longer and last longer. ...

“If this incense is sold a lot and is loved by many people, I am willing to share the recipe for making incense for many other places to do the same, because my ultimate goal is how to develop Vietnamese herbal regions. . Our country's plants are wonderful, beautiful from the beautiful fragrance, what a waste to waste!" - she confided. 

Currently, "clean incense - no chemicals" are sold a lot online. But when contacted, 8/10 stores have stopped working. The main reason is that the price of clean incense is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary incense, shops specializing in worshiping are afraid of this type of incense, and the number of people who know it is not much.

The current incense distribution system is still online and phone channels, so natural incense has only reached the majority of young customers.